Monday, August 6, 2007

Supergirl (TOM)

I'm on a superheroine/pinup kick lately, and here is a pre-Wizard World Chicago sneak peek of my current project, the long-awaited Supergirl painting I've been meaning to do for ages. I think I finally found the perfect model for her, and I'd like to think that this is how my definitive Supergirl would look like in real life. Here is the initial pencil rough:

This is the face a little more refined:

Keep in mind that the artwork will look drastically different when I overly paint and airbrush on this thing--the life it will give to these pencils will be crazy. The full painting will be finished and shown in time for this weekend, but the first time you'll see it online will be after the Chicago show. If it gets even half the reception I got for my WW painting, I'll be quite happy.



Jimmy T said...

F@#% Ross...You are the real deal man!

I love it Tom!


Jimmy T said...

Oh! I mean that in a good way ;-D


SallyP said...