Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heroes Con 2007

Well Heroes Con '07 as come and gone! It was a great con as always! I was sitting next to Jamal Igle and Ethan Van Sciver. To great guys and great artists. I've known Ethan for a few years now and it's always good to see him again. I've met Jamal a few times before but never got a chance to sit and talk with him so that was cool to do.

I also met up with an old friend, Tom Lyle. I've known Tom since I was 14. He was the first professional artist I ever met and got con sketches from. If you would have told me back in 1984 that I would be a working pro in this funny book biz. 23 years later I don't think I would have believed it!

Tom was banging out sketches at the SCAD booth. I'm finally going to get my sketch of my character 1stMan from him!

Friday night about 30 of us DC employees were taken out to dinner with Dan Didio and Michael Siglain. Being from the area I along with my co-pilot Mr. Siglain were the first two at the dinner joint. It was a very cool night hanging out and jabbing with other freelancers.

I met Steve Niles at the dinner and found out that he grew up in the Washington DC area as well as myself. He was on the Virgina side and I on the Maryland side. When I was 18 using a fake i.d. to get into bars in D.C. and Georgetown he was in a band playing bars down there!

With Sunday being Father's day I didn't stay at the show all day. That was more of the day to walk around and do a little shopping for myself, yupper I'm still a dork that likes to buy comics!

Till next time!



Taco Trio Adventures: Champagne, Smith, and Nguyen said...

Dude, where's your fine facial foliage? Look at that cute little baby face!


Taco Trio Adventures: Champagne, Smith, and Nguyen said...

yeah, I'm not sure I dig this young-looking Andy... >8(